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Real FEA Made Easy

Femap, published by Siemens PLM Software, is a standalone simulation solution that incorporates finite element modeling and analysis functionality within a modern user-interface. Supporting a full range of advanced analysis types, Femap can help you analyze parts and assemblies, model composite materials, and review simulation results quickly and efficiently.

Femap is a professional level pre- and post-processor used for preparing models and viewing the results of engineering analyses for structural, heat transfer, and fluid flow problems. Femap can import geometry from all major CAD systems and can use a wide variety of solvers including finite element analysis (FEA) and computation fluid dynamics (CFD).

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10 Reasons to Choose FEMAP

Femap is a premier digital prototyping tool because of its extensive capabilities, high level of performance, and long term industry proven reputation in the following key areas of finite element modeling and post processing:

1. CAD Neutral
2. Solver Independent
3. High quality, sophisticated meshing capabilities
4. Wide Range of Modeling Functionality - Beams, Shells, Solids, Assemblies, and Composites
5. Real World Fidelity through Accurate Choice of Loads and Boundary Conditions
6. Broad Range of Analysis Types and Engineering Disciplines
7. Full Complement of Post Processing and Visualization Tools
8. Customization and automation of simulation tasks
9. Ease of Use
10.Best Price for Functionality

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Who Uses Femap?

Femap is for product design and development professionals who need to do more effective analysis and have moved beyond the capabilities found in typical in-CAD simulation software or more limited FEA products. They need a CAE tool that provides them with more functionality, more control over the analysis process, and provides more accurate results. They have moved from simple parts to assemblies and more complex systems. They have moved from being primarily involved in CAD design with occasional need for validation to more involvement with engineering and analysis. They have climbed the FEA learning curve and are ready for the next level of analysis.


Try Femap and explore the state-of-the-art modeling functionality of Femap with the powerful analysis capabilities of the industry-leading NX Nastran solver.

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